What is GEMCORE360˚ Advanced Wound Care?

A range of wound care dressings indicated for use on a variety of chronic and acute wounds. The dressings have been developed to keep the wound moist which creates an ideal wound healing environment, protecting the wound and the peri-wound area.

Where can I buy GEMCORE360˚ Products?

GEMCORE360° products are sold exclusively through GEMCO Medical and are not available for purchase by consumers or end-users (patients). We market our products exclusively through dealers, distributors and wholesalers of durable medical equipment, including home healthcare, physician supply, long-term care, acute care and medical/surgical dealers. If you are a consumer and would like to purchase our products, please call a member of our Customer Service Team at (800) 733-7976 and we will help you find a dealer in your area.

What types of wounds can GEMCORE360˚ wound care products be used on?

GEMCORE360˚ is a wound care range designed and developed to be used on chronic and acute wounds. The variety of different indications of the dressings makes GEMCORE360˚ the ideal dressing range to be used on a wound through the different stages of the wound healing process.

What is moist wound healing?

Moist wound healing is the process of keeping a wound in an optimally moist environment in order to promote faster healing. Research has shown that moist wound healing is three to five times quicker than the healing of wounds that dry out.

What are the benefits of moist wound healing?
  1. Moist wound healing allows wounds to heal faster
  2. Decreases incidence of infections
  3. Preserves natural proteins which are key during the tissue repair process
  4. Reduces pain
  5. Reduces scarring
What is GEMCORE360˚ Alginate made of and is it biodegradable?

GEMCORE360˚ Alginate is made from seaweed; from a combination of the stem and the leaf of the seaweed, as this gives different performance of the dressings, e.g. high wet strength, high absorbency etc. GEMCORE360˚ Alginate is in fact high in guluronic acid, ensuring the product has a high wet strength. There is evidence to support that alginates break down into simple monosaccharide type residue and are totally absorbed by the body.

Are the GEMCORE360˚Alginates considered a licensed hemostat?

Our alginate dressings have regulatory approval through a CE Mark, which has approved the use of our product to claim that the dressing can be used to control minor bleeding.

Can GEMCORE360˚ Alginates be used under compression?

Yes, they can be used under compression bandaging. One of GEMCORE360˚ Alginates key attributes is the vertical wicking properties of the dressing. This enables clinicians to layer the dressing onto the wound without the risk of the peri-wound maceration.

What are the clinical features and benefits of using GEMCORE360˚ Silicone Foam Dressings?
  • Waterproof – Allows the patient to shower – Protects the wound from urinary incontinence
  • Bacterial Barrier – Prevents wounds from becoming infected – Prevents bacteria from cross-contaminating other wounds
  • Soft and Conformable – Comfortable for the patient – Conforms to the contours of the body – Helps the dressing to stay in place
  • Low Friction Backing – Reduces rucking of dressing – Increases wear time, effective absorption properties – Ensures that the wound does not become macerated, Increases the wear time of the dressing
  • Maintains a moist wound healing environment – helps to facilitate wound healing, prevents desiccation of the wound bed, allows autolytic debridement if required
  • Reduces the risk of maceration – Ensures that the peri-wound does not breakdown, improves healing outcome
  • Non-Adhesive – Makes it ideal for fragile skin and for use under compression bandaging.
When should I use GEMCORE360˚ Silicone Foam or Lite-Foam Dressings?

GEMCORE360˚ Silicone Foam Dressing and GEMCORE360˚ Silicone Lite Foam Dressing are both an ideal wound dressing for those with fragile skin to aid the management of wound exudate to prevent wound maceration and aid the body through its natural wound healing process.

What is the difference between MVTR and Absorbency properties of a dressing?

The MVTR stands for Moisture Vapor Transfer Rate – this is where the exudate from a wound is passed through the dressing in a form of vapor. This is not a useful trait if the dressing is occluded. The absorbency of the dressing is the measurement of exudate that is absorbed into the foam and is removed from the wound bed preventing wound maceration. The total fluid handling is the combination of the MVTR and absorbency of the dressing.