Silicone Lite Foam Dressing

Helps provide an extra layer of protection against friction injuries from using personal protective equipment (PPE).

GEMCORE360 Advanced Wound Care

Clinically Effective Advanced Wound Care Dressings

A complete line to support healing in all acute and chronic wound types.

GEMCORE360° Advanced Wound Care

Offers healthcare professionals a simple, clear and cost-effective wound care range while ensuring excellent clinical outcomes for their patients. Browse our selection of antimicrobials, alginates, foams, film dressings, and hydrogels – all designed to support healing in all phases of acute and chronic wound environments.

GEMCORE360 Advanced Wound Care Dressings

Why choose GEMCORE360°?

GEMCORE360˚ Advanced Wound Care is a simple, clear and cost-effective wound care range designed to maintain a moist wound environment, address bioburden, reduce pain, minimize friction and increase overall patient comfort.

  • Simple, color-coded packaging helps with appropriate dressing selection and saves time.
  • Clinically effective, while allowing healthcare facilities to make significant savings compared to equivalent branded products, with no impact on patient outcomes.

Where to find GEMCORE360° products?

GEMCO Medical is our official distributor. Learn more about placing orders with GEMCO Medical.

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